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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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13.02.2014 | by Coral (Australia)
Hi Elena, congratulations for being rewarded for your hard work and commitment.
You have a bright future ahead and I look forward to seeing many more of your successes.
13.02.2014 | by Suzan  (USA)
Elena , how proud your parents ,family and friends must be of you !! you set such a good example to all youth to keep trying no matter how hard you have to work to get there and you have . CONGRATULATION & BEST WISHES
13.02.2014 | by susan (usa)
wow! beautiful! congrats!
13.02.2014 | by Debbie (USA - Peabody, Massachusetts)
Congratulations on your accomplishments. Your parents are certainly bursting with pride. You are certainly very talented. Keep up the good work. Bless you.
13.02.2014 | by Jenny (USA)
Congratulations on your accomplishments. Awesome!
13.02.2014 | by Barbara Hager-Paulsen (USA)
Congratulations. I love your music. You are such a talented gal. You bring pleasure to so many.
Thanks for sharing. Barbara
13.02.2014 | by Alvin L. (USA-Californina (Filipino))
You are gifted with wonderful Music and talents. I am looking forward to hear your music or see your talents in the near future.
Keep up the good work.
13.02.2014 | by Nina (USA)
Congratulations! and Thank you for the beauty that you are bringing into this life for all to be touched by!
13.02.2014 | by Ingrid (The Netherlands)
Congratulations Elena! :-)
13.02.2014 | by Paul Johnson (USA)
Hello Elena,
I watched Anima Veneziana and Storms in Hands music videos on YouTube. Wow..! I am moved to tears.
Thank you.
You are a very lucky person, to be gifted so profoundly.
Please thank your parents for me, as they have allowed and supported and nurtured the beauty that lies within you as you.
Please put me on your email list, as I will be delighted to see you perform live as circumstances allow.
Best regards,
Paul Johnson
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