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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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24.02.2013 | by Mary Ann Karas (USA)
Wow! That was so BEAUTIFUL, Elena, just like real storms in fact, your music is so natural that it feels like it was born spontaneously - created by God! Amazing and wonderful. And YOU are so beautiful, too! Lovely to look at and beautiful in your soul - to have such lovely music come pouring out of you!!! Your video is quite magnificent; it is enchanting: It sort of "casts a magic spell" over me when I watch it. Thanks so much for sharing your incredible talents with us!
24.02.2013 | by Julia (Gozo)
Your piano playing is awesome Elena, such amazing talent & a poise far beyond your years. I'm already looking forward to more of your wonderful & moving compositions.
24.02.2013 | by yvonne amstutz (switzerland)
Hello You are a lovelly and talented and graceful young lady,looking at you inspires me to wish the best for my own daughter.
23.02.2013 | by Donna (United States)
Watching and hearing you play the piano brought great joy to my heart. You are a gorgeous young lady with an outstanding talent. It will be our pleasure to watch your career over the years ahead. Many Blessings!
23.02.2013 | by Cate (USA)
Beautiful, beautiful. So moving to hear your music, dear Elena. My son (age 12) is also a composer and talented pianist. Thank you for sharing.

It is quite uplifting to have these young musicians in our midst.
23.02.2013 | by Laura Brown (USA)
Bravo, Elena! Beautiful music, grand piano, lovely costume, and wonderful playing with your hands tumbling over the keys like waves to the shore. You have a splendid future in store!
23.02.2013 | by Linda (Canada)
What a delight it was to watch this video, you lightened my being. Thank you for sharing!
23.02.2013 | by Brenda Reyes  (USA)
I was going to watch this while I multi-tasked. She grabbed me and I couldn't do anything but watch her. Amazing, the talent, the poise, the stage, the outfit, the video. Everything exquisite! Thank you...
23.02.2013 | by Anya  (United States)
I wish you all the best! beautiful music and I hope I will see your live concert someday in Chicago!
23.02.2013 | by Suzanne (United States)
Thanks to you & your family for sharing this beautiful music.
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