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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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22.02.2013 | by Glenna (USA)
What a joy to absorb first thing this day. Thank you for sharing your talent.
22.02.2013 | by Caesar Carpenter (USA)
Thank you for shareing this lovely composition. Perfect for meditating at the Snow Moon later this month.
22.02.2013 | by Ladina (UK)
What a very wise, beautiful and gifted young lady you are. You touched my soul with your melody, you are an angel on earth! Much love and hugs from London
22.02.2013 | by Pam Cooper (U.S. Oregon)
Elena, what a wonderful beautiful! You have been blessed with magical gifts. That was a wonderful and very artistic video. I look forward to hearing the evolution of you and your music as time flows on.
22.02.2013 | by Jenny (South Africa)
Elena, your gift is a blessing to the world, keep up the beautiful music going inside and outside,
22.02.2013 | by Christine (Germnay)
Elena, das ist wundervoll!! Hoffentlich hören wir bald noch mehr von Dir!!
22.02.2013 | by Verona (Philadelphia, PA)
Miracle in Hands.
Brava! Brava!
22.02.2013 | by Marge Bell (Ca. USA)
Beautiful!! Keep sharing with us,who are not so talented.
22.02.2013 | by Ann (united states, California)
What a beautiful soul and talent. You are very gifted, keep up the amazing work you are doing and reach for the stars and moon:) Bless you
22.02.2013 | by Jeff and his daughters (USA)
Greetings friends and just wanted to let you know we throughly enjoyed the beautiful video of Elena playing,her skill is without question and from such a small package too!
Please tell her from us to always walk in the light, that which finds the keys from her soul is pure and beautiful,and brings us all closer to the angels. Be well all
. . .