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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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04.03.2015 | by Melodee E-L  (USA)
Elena....TALENT should be your middle name, young lady! I've been a follower of your music for some time now (thru your lovely parent's 'Full Moon' website & you're impressive!
KEEP UP THE GROOVY WORK... hope to meet you when our musical worlds cross paths one day! ;-)
BEST WISHES to you, ☆ Superstar !
~ 🎶Melodee {Edington-Leyshon }
04.03.2015 | by Wendy Roberts (canada)
Thank you so very much, absolutly fantastic. :-)
Very relaxing, soothing awesome......
Takes me a million miles away, sweet,
Keep up the great work :-)
03.03.2015 | by Brenda Jordan (USA)
Very nice..u r very talented!!..don't give up on your dreams!!
03.03.2015 | by Cher (USA)
Thank you for sharing you talent and your love of music. Very inspiring, and your message of love and peace is also inspiring.
I will follow you in the future for new inspirations! My son and grandchildren are also musicians.
03.03.2015 | by Renee Rowan Jones (USA)
You are so talented and beautiful! Love what you do! Love what you have shown here. Sort of get the feeling are an old soul! Keep going.....never, ever give up!
03.03.2015 | by Lauri (USA)
You are so extremely talented!!! And beautiful as well! Keep up the awesome work - love looking at your site and listening to your music and videos!!!
03.03.2015 | by Pete (USA)
Five bucks says that that radio is a Grundig.

Comment by Elena Manja:
Nope, it's a PHILIPS Philetta BD 254U ... ;-)
03.03.2015 | by jane rickman (u.s.)
Sitting here on a snowy morning in Ilinois, and I came across your video on your parents' website. Loved the music. The Spanish setting warmed me up and made me forget about winter. Thanks.
03.03.2015 | by John (USA)
Thank you for doing this!
03.03.2015 | by pamela thompson (England)
I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful music, do you have any recorded? I have tried to find some but no luck, best of luck for the future.

I have tried to play the video the blues but no luck, is it on you tube ?

Comment by Elena Manja:
Thank you! You can download all music for free, just click on the song title in the main navigation and scroll down the page. Of course my videos are on YouTube as well. Just click on the YouTube icon on the left hand side.
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