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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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03.03.2015 | by The Rev. Dr. Darryl E. Dech (United States)
Well, you've done it again. I "caught the blues" in your new video, but I "caught" something more. It's a little corner of musical art that will always stick with me. It's your corner of art and I'll know it whenever I see it. It's characteristically you, Elena, and your quality musicianship, creativity and imagination. Thank you for giving the world a little more peace and harmony through your flight with "the blues." It's a marvelous work of art. Let it soar, more and more. Pastor Darryl.
03.03.2015 | by Ann (Canada)
Ms. Elena ,
You walked that all the way downtown !
Dancing behind you , hoping for more .
09.10.2014 | by Kathryn (USA)
Ah, sweetie, so beautiful!
09.10.2014 | by Joan (United States)
08.10.2014 | by Vidya (Costa Rica)
I was deeply touched by your expression of sadness, love and joy in your music. Your sister Joana is with you always. Thank you, countless blessings to you and your family.
07.10.2014 | by Candace Haydon (United States)
What a very beautiful way to honor your sister and the connection the two of you will always share. You are a very old soul my dear one because you feel such strong emotions. I too have lost a love who held a strong connection and your music spoke to my heart. God bless you.
07.10.2014 | by Faith (USA)
WOW. This is very powerful and a special piece. You are strong and brave. Thank you for sharing your heart and that of your family's.
07.10.2014 | by Craig (USA)
WOW what a wonderful piece of music.....such a beautiful young girl with a vision and talent beyond her years....Recently I lost my niece day she was fine the next day she wasnt.....we dont know why or for what reason....but we do know the joy she spread to everyone she touched.....and now I can put your music to her ever presence in my soul...Thanks and never let go of the vision....
07.10.2014 | by Leslie (Canada)
What a beautiful tribute. You are extremely talented and I didn't want the music to end. Many blessings to you. Your sister is watching over you always.

Love transcends all realms.
06.10.2014 | by Linda (USA)
This is potery in motion. You were blessed with two angles, one has returned, the other has stayed. These decisions are not ours. Not easy and out of our realm
Love, live,enjoy the NOW.
. . .