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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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07.09.2014 | by Mary (USA)
Thank you for memories of the future, it is beautiful.
07.09.2014 | by james r owens (united sates of america)
we meet people not by chance but for a reason.the reason is unclear until some close or distant moment and we say WOW.then we understand the part they play in our lives and we embrace them.
thank you so much for your music and creative abilities.
07.09.2014 | by leroy radcliffe (united states, california)
age (in years) is merely a matter of the mind not of the soul - you are living proof !
07.09.2014 | by Kimberly (USA)
Thank you, you touched my soul very deeply. You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful that you share it with the world. Truly a beautiful young lady you are. May you continue to find peace and joy in your music.
07.09.2014 | by Tony Lang (Rome Ga USA)
Thanks for sharing your feelings, in beautiful music with movement and colors only registered in the soul. Take Care, Tony
07.09.2014 | by Barb Kemry (USA)
What a beautiful video. Listening to your music is like listening to angels humming. Prodigy indeed.
07.09.2014 | by Marcia Spees (Orcas Island, USA)
Dear Elena, What a wonderful way to start a Sunday! I watched and listened this morning quite by chance and read your deep, simple and healing words. Thank you for the gifts you share. The world needs and loves your light. I smile for you.
07.09.2014 | by David Garlinger (California USA)
Elena, I pray that this gift that God has blessed you with, will touch the heart of many, as it has mine. I'd like to believe that your sisters spirit has lovingly enjoyed this in heaven, and she is peacefully smiling down. Your work's have reminded me of the early compositions of Yanni, another talented soul, and master musician, whom I also admire. God blesses you in all you do, and your parents as well. Thank you for this.
07.09.2014 | by Cornelia (USA, FL)
Dear Elena,

Your new music piece touches me deeply. It really evokes and stirs so many feelings inside. You beautifully express the dynamics between the now and the hereafter. Not just in your music, but in the interpretation of events of part of your life, which you so openly and courageously share with everyone.

This must have been a not always easy and extremely challenging journey to arrive at this master piece of artistic gratitude. Skillfully accompanied and supported by this expressive video, you have created not just a profound gateway to people's emotions, but foremost were able to open that magic door between the two worlds, so that everyone is able to take a short peek. Thank you Elena and parents, for sharing your process and journey through your art and sharing the light and love, which can enter our lives even in the darkest of moments.
07.09.2014 | by Kimberly (USA)
Elena Manja, you are a very talented and soulful young lady. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the world, and reaching out to express both the individuality and universality of loss and connection. And thank you for sharing Joana with us!
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