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Life is a journey through unknown territory. We meet people who accompany us for parts of the way, sometimes for a long time. Here is room for the words we give to each other. I am looking forward to your thoughts and greetings from all over the world.

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10.07.2014 | by Raina (BC, CANADA)
Many Congratulations!
Love & Sunlight from the Okanagan Valley, BC.
10.07.2014 | by Phyllis (Canada)
Dear Elena, Many blessings to you. I know the work it takes to do what you have accomplished and I congratulate you with all my heart
I was a violist in orchestra for 40 years and it is a life like no other. You are constantly in the company of genius, channeled through your own body. Much love, Phyllis
10.07.2014 | by Carol (USA)
I have been reading the Full Moon Memo ever since my daughter sent it to me several years ago. I'm a British Literature teacher, and the moon plays such an important part in literature, culture, architecture (Stonehenge), music, and the timelessness of love. I am totally entranced by the music of Elena, London, Venice, the places I love most, which have inspired so many of the writers I teach, and also inspire me. Elena's music is like the moon, connecting us with all that has passed and all that will come, ethereal, other-worldly, beautiful. Thank you for sharing her dreams, set to her music. It connected me to her soul, just as the moon connects all of us who share the gifts the moon shares with those of us who read your full-moon entries. Thank you and a special thank you to Elena for making my world more meaningful and beautiful...
10.07.2014 | by Nancy Allen (United States)
Hi Elena - Congratulations on your recent awards. I know you must have put your heart and soul into preparing for these competitions, and you are justly rewarded well for that effort. Both instruments you chose are close to my heart, also. In fact, piano is my first love, and at the age of 69 I still play as much as I can. I'm sure you will go to great heights in your career as a musician, and you are blessed to have such a supportive family. I look forward to hearing more about you in the future.
10.07.2014 | by James Mariani (USA)
like waves which lap against the beach of San Diego, your dance and music have taken wing. Now that your Spirit has been put on notice that you are a warrior who will not only dream dreams, but pay the price to make them come true, the waves will continue to find expression through the percussion that is EM
10.07.2014 | by ShivaShakti (Malta)
Wow Elena, the sounds you created are so beautiful, relaxing. Its like they are caressing the universe with their vibration.... thank you so much for this <3 <3 <3
10.07.2014 | by Maria Stubbs (England)
Elena, What a beautiful and talented young lady you are.
Congratulations on all your amazing awards. May you
continue to shine and fill others lives with your talents.
Thank you.
10.07.2014 | by Christopher Cody (Ireland/Mexico)
I am so proud of you Elena. Remember always to have fun during these activities. Remember as well to do these things to make YOU happy. It's not your responsibility to make me or anyone else happy. Your job is to make YOU happy, and I can see you are doing a wonderful job. Yeah!!!!!
All my best,
10.07.2014 | by Robert Terrance Mullane III (U.S.A.)
"He who anger me, conquers me."
Remember this, and you will never be had by someone trying to get your goat, so to speak.
10.07.2014 | by Sirilak Briggs (Washington ,DC/USA)
Wow!!!! You are an amazing girl.... Like a will shine on people from all over the world!!!! Keep on going girl...
. . .