»Anima veneziana«


  • Title: »Anima veneziana«
  • Length: 5:06 min.
  • Creation: July until November 2012
  • Recording: November 2012 in Granada (Spain)
  • Instrument: SAUTER

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A journey into the depths of the soul
»Anima veneziana« is Italian and means »Venetian soul«. Last summer, I went to Venice and it was like love at first sight with this city and me! Inspired by the fascinating atmosphere, I composed this piece for Venice.

About the dance of the gondolas
I sat on a footbridge in Venice and was watching the gondolas that were gently moving up and down in the water. I looked at the »ferro di prua«, the iron part situated at the bow of the gondolas and its shape reminds of stave lines. If looking through this »ferro« and observing the horizon behind, it is as if the gondola would dictate a melody with its motion on the water. This is how I found the theme for the piece in Venice – inspired by the water waves!

We then filmed this movement of the gondolas and thereof exported more than 3,000 notes on the computer at home. Out of these sequences of musical notes, I developed different melodies, themes and passages and hence created the complete piece after several weeks of work.


And here is the video for the not-so-fast Internet connections:


Music file for download

Anima veneziana Cover

As a gift, you can download the music here for free, as an MP3 file. You are very welcome to pass this on to your friends, it makes me happy when my music reaches many people.

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