About Elena Manja

Music is like strawberries
I am 16 years old and have been playing music intensively since seven years, in particular the piano and the harp. With 7, I began composing my own pieces. I am as much fascinated by classical music, as by all kinds of modern music. I am also enthusiastic about music of different cultures and their variety. Music is an experience for the senses. Music is like strawberries – everyone likes it!

Elena Manja

Building bridges
It is my greatest wish to move others with my music and to create a connection between the worlds, between opposites and between people. I would like to try building bridges with my music.

If I manage to kindle joy in the hearts of my listeners, it is a feeling of peace and fulfillment for me. I am excited to see what the future holds for us.


  • 11/2001: Born in Gräfelfing near Munich, Germany
  • 09/2004: Move to Spain
  • 10/2007: Starting to play the piano (5 years) – YAMAHA YUS3
  • 03/2008: First appearance piano (Marbella, Spain)
  • 01/2009: Starting to play the harp (7 years) – WOTAN, 34 strings
  • 03/2009: First own composition »Balada para mi amor«
  • 05/2010: First appearance harp (Marbella, Spain)
  • 07/2011: Change to double-action pedal harp – AOYAMA, 42 strings
  • 08/2011: Starting to play the theremin (9 years) – MOOG Etherwave
  • 01/2012: Composition »Stürme in Händen« (Storms in Hands)
  • 05/2012: Change to grand piano – YAMAHA G2
  • 08/2012: Starting to play the synthesizer (10 years) – CUBASE etc.
  • 11/2012: Composition »Anima veneziana«
  • 02/2013: elenamanja.com goes online!
  • 05/2013: Honoured with the »Premio a la Musicalidad« in the
  • 06/2013: Starting to play the cajon (11 years) – SCHLAGWERK CP604
  • 07/2013: Starting to play the electric harp (11 years) – CAMAC DHC BLUE LIGHT
  • 07/2013: Starting to play the drums (11 years) – ROLAND TD-30
  • 08/2013: Starting to play the flute (11 years) – YAMAHA YFL-311
  • 10/2013: Composition »Memories of the future«
  • 02/2014: Composition »Joana«
  • 06/2014: Honoured with the Federal Prize second place for the harp and rating »very good« for the piano at »JUGEND MUSIZIERT«
  • 07/2014: Starting to play the classical and electric guitar (12 years)
  • 03/2015: Composition »Catch this blues!«
  • 10/2015: New harp – LYON & HEALY Style 100, 47 strings
  • 06/2017: Honoured with a Federal Prize first place for the harp at »JUGEND MUSIZIERT«

… and: various appearances at competitions and events.

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