»Stürme in Händen«

[Storms in hands]


  • Title: »Stürme in Händen«
  • Length: 3:49 min.
  • Creation: November 2011 until January 2012
  • Recording: März 2012, Sala María Cristina, Málaga (Spain)
  • Instrument: STEINWAY
Steinway Steinway

You can also watch this video on YouTube and on Vimeo (in HD quality). Take a look:

Inspired by flying hands
This piece is my first major composition. OK – four minutes are not exactly world-shattering ;-) ... for me however, it was a true challenge.
I started improvising with my eyes closed, extracted individual parts and developed them. This is how the principal theme was formed, which you can hear right at the beginning of the composition. I then had the image of my hands in front of my eyes, how they were flying across the keys. This evolved into various glissando-like runs across the keyboard. In the end, it turned into 88 bars – the exact amount of keys on a piano.

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Steinway
After the completion of this piece and after performing on various occasions (i. e. at the »Jugend musiziert 2012 competition«), we decided to record this composition professionally. For this, we used a wonderful hall in Málaga, where I was able to make the acquaintance of a Steinway grand piano – a lasting memory.

In search of crashing waves
For the video of this musical piece, we desperately wanted to film waves in the wind. But the weather on the Mediterranean coast in Spain put a thwart into our plans – it had been sunny the entire summer and no wind in sight. So we drove to Tarifa at the Atlantic coast in September 2012 and we got lucky. This is where the nature scenes originated, in the rising sun in the »Zahara de los Atunes«.


And here is the video for the not-so-fast Internet connections:


Music file for download

Stürme in Händen Cover

As a gift, you can download the music here for free, as an MP3 file. You are very welcome to pass this on to your friends, it makes me happy when my music reaches many people.

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