»Memories of the Future«


  • Title: »Memories of the Future«
  • Length: 6:08 min.
  • Creation: August 2012 until October 2013
  • Various instruments and synthesizers

You can also watch this video on YouTube and on Vimeo (in HD quality). Take a look:

Elena Manja and Barbara Buchholz

New dimensions and 31 tracks …
This is my first piece with a variety of musical instruments – classical and electronic sounds with 31 audio and MIDI tracks in total! Every track contains one instrument or sound. It took me one year to compose this small »symphony« and I am fascinated by the many possibilities that I've got to know about.

Elena Manja Synthesizer

I am playing the leitmotif with a special instrument, called theremin. It is an electronic music instrument, which is played without contact. You influence the electromagnetic field with both hands and this is how you create sounds. The left hand controls the volume, the right hand the pitch. I have been very lucky to be able to learn from the wonderful theremin player Barbara Buchholz (see photo on the right from 2011) and I am very happy that this instrument plays a special role in my piece.

The video was shot at the London City Hall, which has a fascinating, futuristic atmosphere with views across the Tower Bridge and the complete skyline of the city.

With this music, I would like to express my longing for the expanse and depth of the universe and illustrate which part we play in it as humans. Close your eyes and join me on a journey to infinity …


And here is the video for the not-so-fast Internet connections:


Music file for download

Memories of the future Cover

As a gift, you can download the music here for free, as an MP3 file. You are very welcome to pass this on to your friends, it makes me happy when my music reaches many people.

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